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Miguel Hernández University, UMH, of Elche (Spain)

A public institution committed to quality management and continuous improvement.


The European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers are the 40 principles that define the duties and rights of researchers, institutions and research funders across Europe.

The European Commission aims for all European institutions to ensure their human resource policies comply with the Charter and Code.

HRS4R implementation at the UMH

The HRS4R Human Resources Strategy for Researchers is a process of self-assessment and evaluation that culminates with the recognition of the UMH institution after submitting an appropriate Action Plan to improve its human resource policies in alignment with the Charter and Code. It is a recognition of the continuous improvement of the UMH.

The UMH is committed to complying with the Charter and Code, as well as to conduct open, transparent and merit-based recruitment, which is why it is undergoing an evaluation by the European Commission in order to obtain said recognition.

HRS4R GAP Analysis at the UMH

During the year 2018, the Human Resources policy of the UMH has been analysed and compared to the 40 principles of the Charter and Code (GAP Analysis).

To do so, we requested the opinion of all the researchers of the UMH by way of an anonymous survey. In-person meetings with researchers of the 4 UMH campuses, administrative and services staff and management staff were also conducted.

HRS4R UMH Action Plan 2019 – 2020

Actions have been established in order to overcome the deficiencies found and to align them with the Charter and Code. They have been included in the time-bound Action Plan, and each action has a person assigned to it, who shall be responsible for its implementation.

Furthermore, a Technical Committee has also been appointed for the regular monitoring of the proposed Action Plan, which will guarantee its fulfilment and to preserve the recognition in the assessment that the European Commission will conduct in two years’ time.