La UMH dará estabilidad a la carrera laboral con un mejor plan de contratos para evitar la fuga de científicos

La UMH dará estabilidad a la carrera laboral con un mejor plan de contratos para evitar la fuga de científicos.

El nuevo “Código Ético y de Integridad en la Investigación” actualiza las tablas salariales e incluye las estancias de movilidad y las horas lectivas.

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La Comisión Europea avala el plan de la UMH para la contratación del personal investigador y renueva su sello de calidad HRS4R

La Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH) de Elche ha recibido el visto bueno de la Comisión Europea a su implementación de la Carta europea del investigador y del Código de conducta en la contratación del personal científico. Estos compromisos garantizan una carrera profesional investigadora atractiva y mejoran la contratación y las condiciones de trabajo de los investigadores en Europa. La Comisión Europea otorgó el Sello de Excelencia en Recursos Humanos para la Investigación (HRS4R) a la UMH en 2019, distinción que se ha renovado este año. Más información en el siguiente enlace:

The UMH obtains the EU’s HR Excellence in Research Award

The European Comission has awarded the UMH of Elche the HR Excellence in Research Award, thus becoming the second academic institution of the Valencian Community to achieve this distinction, after the University of Valencia.

This award lends official recognition to the commitment of the UMH to the most demanding levels of quality in all the processes linked to the recruitment, working conditions, training, management and responsibility of the research staff in any type of contractual relation, as well as the entity’s commitment to maintain and improve these levels of quality in the future.

The objective of the HR Excellence in Research Award is to promote and improve recruiting, working conditions and research careers, thus contributing to the development of the European Research Area.

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HRS4R (Human Resource Strategy for Researchers) in the UMH


This work has been completed thanks to the high number of staff members who participated at the 4 UMH campuses, who have at all times provided facilities and a strong spirit of collaboration.

It is worth highlighting the sense of enthusiasm and motivation that has been present in all the in-person meetings (Focus Groups), both on behalf of researchers of all profiles, R1, R2, R3 and R4, as well as the administrative and services staff and management staff of the UMH.

To believe in the HRS4R Project is the best way to prove that the proposed Action Plan will be applied and completed, as it has been an effort by many people who dedicate themselves to the continuous improvement of the UMH.

Mr. Manuel Jordán

Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation,

Implementation of the HRS4R Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

In Elche, on 8 November 2017, the Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation notifies all those institutionally involved in this process of the approval, on behalf of the Governing Board of the UMH, of the beginning of the process to implement the HRS4R Human Resources Strategy for Researchers, and of the establishment of an HRS4R Executive Committee and an HRS4R Work Committee, to ensure the appropriate development and implementation of this project in the UMH.

The HRS4R Human Resources Strategy for Researchers is a self-assessment and external assessment process which concludes with the recognition of the UMH institution after submitting an appropriate Action Plan to improve its Human Resource policies in alignment with the charter and code of the European Commission. It is an acknowledgement of the continuous improvement of the UMH.